Hi, I'm Dan


At the age of 16, I felt God’s call to go into ministry. I have now been actively serving consistently for over 20 years and over 10 years of being a solo pastor. Being a pastor gave me the opportunity to observe and work with many people with a heart for God and a passion to serve but they struggled to find the path God had for them.

Early on in our marriage, I was working 90 hours a week as a solo pastor in a small church that paid me for part time work. I had no work-life balance, and I paid for it with my health. Over the course of a few very trying years, God started teaching me about living a life for Him that did not just include working for Him but incorporated resting in Him. I am still a pastor at a small church, but I have much better work-life balance. One vital resource God has used to help me grow in resting in Him has been through coaching.

2018 was the hardest year of our lives. I was in between pastorates, we had two small boys and another on the way. Boy #3 was diagnosed with a fatal syndrome. In the middle of all of that I got the opportunity to be trained as a coach with the John Maxwell Team empowering me to work with others, helping them overcome their own road blocks in their businesses, ministry, and life.

Since then I have worked with hundreds of people to explore the vision that God has given them to expand His kingdom through them. It has been wonderful, exciting, and hard, but incredibly fulfilling. I truly love working with others and getting to see the breakthroughs they are achieving as they keep moving forward into the life that God has prepared for them.

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