The Best Supporting Role Goes To...

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The Best Supporting Role Goes to... by Dan Hendon

I recently turned to my wife, Kristine, and told her she was the best part of my life, but then I had to correct myself.

I revised, "Well after Jesus. You are the best supporting role."

Kristine was pretty happy with that ranking. 

Yet it got me thinking how easy it is for people or things to take the rightful place of God. 


Not Seeing God

Most of us will not see God in this life. I know a few people who have had visions or dreams of God but those have been rare. 

The problem with something or someone that we do not see is whatever is out of sight is often out of mind. The out of sight out of mind phenomenon can be even more accute for those of us who have ADHD or are a highly driven entrepreneur, or both. 

When we focus in on the things in front of us everything else can disappear.


Seeing God

So how do we see God when we can't see God?

  1. Spend Time with God in Prayer.
  2. Know God through Scripture.
  3. Look for God Working.

When we prioritize these three behaviors we learn to see and remember God.


Spend Time with God in Prayer

As I often say, "Time is the only thing you spend but can't earn more of."

You and I can always make more money, but we won't be able to make up the time that we ignore our relationship with God. 

We each have an unknown amout of time on this earth and just like we shouldn't ignore our earthly relationships, we must not ignore our Spiritual relationship with God.

Prayer can be broken into two broad catigories for the purpose of this article. 

Prayer is: 

  1. Talking to God.
  2. Listening to God.


Talking to God

Talking to God requires intentionality. Setting aside time and scheduling time to share our hopes, concerns, requests, and fears as well as claiming the promises God has made in Scripture. 

Schedule time to share with God. For me the primary time I set aside to talk to God is short.

Talk to God as things happen. While I set aside time to talk to my wife a great portion of our relationship is sharing as things happen. My wife and I will text, call, and share tiktoks as life happens. 

Likewise, when things come up in our lives, make sure that you are sharing the moment with God. It is simplistic but one of the ways that we have been teaching this lesson to our children by encouraging our children to pray when they see an ambulence, fire truck, or police car with its lights or siren on. Talk to God as things come up.


Listening to God

Similar to talking to God, listening to God demands that we set aside time. Often this time needs to be to be silent without destractions. Eliminating destractions so that we can actually hear when the Spirit of God speaks into our hearts and minds is incredibly difficult. However, learning to hear and recognize the voice of God will empower us to continually place God center and first in our lives.  

Schedule time where you will rest in the presence of God and listen for His voice as He speaks into your heart and mind.

Know God Through Scripture

Discerning between the voice of God and our own desires is often more than a little challenging. However, in John 10:27 Jesus said, "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me."

Sometimes we hear familiar voices but we can't quite place them. When watching cartoon movies with my children, I am often pulling out searching for the movie and finding who voiced the variety of characters. Voices that we have been exposed to but aren't familiar with can have similar qualities to another person we are vaguely familiar with without being the voice we thought.

If we are not familiar with the voice of God, other voices will have the opportunity to trick us into believing that voice is God speaking to us.

The best way to familiarize ourself with the voice of God is unfortunately not in silence. Instead, the best way to become familiar with God's voice is to read Scripture, which is breathed out by God. (2 Tim. 3:16)

Reading Scripture regularly is the most effective defense against being tricked by a voice other than God. 

When we know the Scriptures we are equipped and empowered to discern if a thought we have is truly something that God would tell us.

We've talked a lot about hearing God, but how do we see God. Scripture says that no man has seen His face. Yet, Jesus said, 

"...Whoever has seen me has seen the Father..." (John 14:9)

As you read the Gospels you get a clearer picture of who Jesus is and in seeing Him (God the Son) you see (God the Father).


Look for God Working

Another way that we see God is through seeing His work around us. I don't see the wind. I see evidence of the wind. 

I used to live in Chicago and the the wind would whip between the giant buildings and could move things that had no business moving. Now, I live near a park and the wind is able to build up a prairie wind flinging litter of bags and snack wrappers into my yard. 

I can't see the wind but I see evidence of it. It is similar for seeing God.

I don't physically see God, but I see evidence of His presence when I see someone who was sick become healthy. I see God when He provides opportunities that I couldn't have imagined, or the finances to embrase those opportunities. I see the evidence of God when He protects me and my family from dangerous situations. 

My favorite way to see God working is when people grow in knowing Him and living into the life and good works that He created for them. 

What are the blessings in your life that remind you He is working in your life? 

Don't let your life push God out of the center of your life. He belongs as the priority of our lives.


What's Next?

Actively pursue seeing God by spend time with God in prayer, knowing God through Scripture, and looking for God's work in your life.

If you would like help getting your priorities in order so that business enhances your life and frees you up for serving God rather than crowding God out of your life, consider joining Lead Like Jesus Community for Entrepreneurs

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